Sixth Form Study at KTS

So how does studying in the Sixth Form at KTS work? 

1.    Choose your main subjects: 

We offer each student the opportunity to choose three main subjects from our subject list. We offer traditional A Levels, as well as several BTEC courses and a Cambridge Technical Diploma in Business. Each subject requires attendance at 10 hourly sessions over the two week timetable.

2.    Wider Curriculum: 

Once you have picked your three main subjects, you can then opt for one of the four Wider Curriculum options, which are taught in 7 hours over the two week timetable. Options include the popular Extended Project Qualification, as well as Financial Studies and LAMDA courses.   

3.    Enrichment: 

All students are given the opportunity to enrich their studies with a one-hour weekly session in either PE, Music, Drama or School Council.  

4.    Private Study: 

Independent study is a hugely important element of your time at KTS Sixth Form. As a Year 12 student, you are likely to have up to ten Private Study sessions on your two-week timetable. Students are required to stay on the school site during these sessions, but they have the option of using the Sixth Form ICT rooms, the defined Sixth Form section of the school library or any free rooms around the school to work on their independent study. Our newly refurbished Sixth Form common room is another fantastic resource for students to use in their down time, with Fussball table, stereo system and comfy seats – perfect for socialising.    

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