Production Arts

Courses Offered

Production Arts Subsidiary Diploma (equivalent to one A Level)
Production Arts 90-Credit Diploma (equivalent to one and a half A Levels)


Syllabus Breakdown 
Production Arts – Technical Theatre (Subsidiary Diploma)

  • Technical Stage Operations 

  • Production Arts Planning 

  • Production Arts Workshop 

  • Stage Lighting OR Sound Design 

  • Stage Lighting Operation 

  • Stage Sound Operation 

Production Arts – (90-Credit Diploma)
In addition to the units for the subsidiary diploma, students will complete three out of the following four units:

  • Stage Design for Performance 

  • Prop Making 

  • Production Management for Live Performance

  • Deputy Stage Management 

You will also learn

  • In a number of vocational contexts that link directly to industry

  • Leadership and management skills

  • About up to date technologies and roles currently required by the production arts sector

This course will appeal to you if...

  • You prefer to work in a vocational context, with on-going assessment through projects rather than exams

  • You want to develop your team-working skills

  • You want responsibility for creative and innovative contributions to productions and live events

Entry requirements

You must meet our general Sixth Form entry requirements of 5 good GCSE passes at grade 4 or higher.

What opportunities will this course provide?

You will be learning through real life projects, working on the numerous live events and productions at Knights Templar. This will provide you with on-going work experience throughout the course.

There are many opportunities to move onto university courses as well as apprenticeships.


You will be a stronger team-worker, a clearer communicator, an effective project manager and you will have gained real life experience in a pressured environment. 


Where can I find out Further Information?

Edexcel BTEC website ( and speak to Mr Sills


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