FCSE Spanish

Studying a language gives you an insight into the culture behind it and an understanding of the people who speak it. It also gives you the ability to break down barriers and communicate with others in their mother tongue when travelling.

Not having studied a language is one of life’s regrets for many adults. 

If you did not study a language in Key Stage 4 or are looking to broaden your language skills set, this is your opportunity to complement your A level studies with a language FCSE.


Courses Offered

Spanish FCSE (AQA)

Syllabus Breakdown


The new FCSE course includes a number of relevant and engaging topics such as:

  • My world,

  • Holidays and leisure,

  • Lifestyle,

  • My community.

Unlike the GCSE qualification, this course is assessed largely through short tasks throughout the course.

Why Study FCSE Spanish?


During your lessons, you will develop a wide vocabulary and an understanding of the language very quickly and will find that by the end of the course, you are able to communicate clearly, perhaps on holiday in Spain or maybe on a Gap Year in South America.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Students must have met the general Sixth Form entry requirements of five GCSEs at grade 4 or above.


Wider Opportunities

Students are encouraged to attend language conferences and cultural visits whenever possible.


What Can I Do Next?

Linguistic skills are highly prized and can be combined with a wide range of different subjects enabling you to demonstrate that you are willing to rise to the challenge of trying something new and that your capabilities are not limited to one particular area of the curriculum. Universities will look favourably upon these qualities and your study of Spanish may lead you to consider degree courses which combine a language with another discipline.

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